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The Letter "W" orking in a healing capacity for almost 30 years has granted me the gift of witnessing and observing our amazing ability to heal, and to overcome that which keeps us from experiencing freedom, happiness, and our connection to ourselves and others.

This gift of a healing journey has allowed me to recognize the many ways we become trapped by our experiences and perceptions, reflecting how we feel, think and function. This has a significant impact on the body, our mind, and emotions. It can affect our energy from moment to moment. As we enter into our healing process, the path of light, freedom and self-empowerment emerges and unfolds. My intention, as we work together, is to support your unique process of self-discovery, health and healing.

Over the many years of working in a healing capacity, I’ve had the opportunity to be trained in ways that support the integration of mind, body and emotion. As a body-oriented psychotherapist, I work deeply in this capacity, which allows for the integration of these layers. As this process unfolds, we find ourselves being able to understand our experiences in a more integrated way that provides us with more meaning, insight and wisdom. Through this healing process, we find a greater sense of peace, and a deeper connection within ourselves, and others.


I invite you to explore this site, and hope you find it helpful and informative.

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