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Are you exhausted by the never-ending cycle of feeling unwell?

  • Do you get sad or hopeless because the pain never seems to stop?
  • Does your pain deplete your energy, making it hard for you to enjoy your life?
  • Are you often agitated and quick to express your anger?
  • Has your life become overwhelming because you can’t find the energy to complete your responsibilities or engage in joyful activities?
  • Do you wish you could finally find relief from your pain and live a happy and resilient life?

Chronic pain may cause you to struggle in your life in many ways throughout your day. You may experience varying degrees of pain often described as shooting, burning, aching, electrical, stiff or tight. As a result of your pain, you may feel exhausted all day long, making it difficult for you to complete your job duties or family responsibilities. In addition, the physical pain and weakness you experience may cause changes in your mood such as an increase in hopelessness, fear, irritability and anxiety. Your pain may even keep you awake at night or cause you to wake up early in the morning, ultimately making you feel even more fatigued the next day.

Struggling With Chronic Pain Is More Common Than You May Think

Chronic Pain Counseling - Lynn Carroll - Delray BeachChronic pain is defined as any pain that lasts for longer than six months. It stands in contrast to acute pain, which is short-lived pain that often has a clear medical cause. Muscle aches such as back and neck pain are common sources of chronic pain. However, pain can occur anywhere in the body and can range from a mild irritation to a severely debilitating condition.

Because chronic pain can affect one’s mental health, and one’s mental health can affect chronic pain, it can be very beneficial to seek out therapy and pursue other lines of treatment.

Chronic pain can occur as a result of either a physical or mental health condition. Long-term conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and AIDS can all cause chronic pain. Ulcers, repetitive stress, traumatic injuries or nerve damage may also contribute to an individual’s development of chronic pain. An individual may even experience pain as the result of a health condition or injury and continue to have that pain after the physical condition is resolved.

Due to these factors, chronic pain is not always easy to understand or treat. Health care professionals might have difficulty identifying the cause of an individual’s chronic pain, especially when there is no clear physical cause.

An individual experiencing chronic pain may wish to rule out medical conditions that can lead to chronic pain by talking to a physician. However, in some instances, chronic pain may be a sign of untreated depression, anxiety, grief, anger or other emotional issues.

Chronic Pain Treatment Can Help Your Body And Mind Heal

During chronic pain treatment sessions, you and I will work together to develop an individualized plan to help you mitigate your physical pain symptoms and clear your mind of harmful emotions. Depending on your needs, we may work with techniques such as Mindfulness Therapy and meditation, Somatic Experiencing®, Craniosacral Therapy and EMDR Therapy to help relieve your pain and improve your general health.

In addition to treatment, I can also teach you pain management strategies, including activities like light exercise, social visits and distractions such as hobbies and outings if appropriate, while being mindful of one’s physical limitations. Social support is especially important as the help of family and friends has been shown to mitigate symptoms of depression and anxiety often experienced by those with chronic pain. Furthermore, keeping busy with the same activities enjoyed before the onset of chronic pain may help prevent feelings of hopelessness.

Depending on your needs and interests, I may also refer you to other forms of chronic pain treatment such as acupuncture, physical therapy, electrical stimulation and nerve blocks. However, simple lifestyle changes can sometimes reduce or eliminate chronic pain, depending on the source of the pain.

During chronic pain treatment sessions, you and I may also work together to find a possible connection between your pain and an emotional conflict. As we explore these areas, you might feel a great deal of relief to talk about the pain in a safe and comfortable environment. Your body may be holding on to past sadness and perhaps some of your memories are woven into the fabric of your chronic pain. When you process this information and we work in combination with different healing modalities to listen to your body, you may find you start to feel less pain and more peace.

No matter the severity or extent of your pain, you have hope to recover. We may choose to integrate a variety of approaches in order to support you on your healing journey.

You may be interested in chronic pain treatment, but still have some concerns…

I am worried I will always be in pain. How will chronic pain treatment help me?

Chronic Pain Counseling - Lynn Carroll - Delray Beach, FLHaving chronic pain can feel like you are not really living, but instead just trying to get by. As we work together during our chronic pain treatment sessions, we will explore many methods that can help you reduce, manage and cope with your pain. In order to ensure a thorough treatment, we can also use different approaches like Somatic Experiencing®, EMDR Therapy, Mindfulness Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Attachment Therapy, all that can help you understand what your system needs to minimize pain and promote healing and peace.

How long will I need to continue treatment? Will I always need to be in therapy?

Ultimately, you will determine the length of treatment and I can make recommendations for you that can support your needs. As you make improvements throughout our therapy sessions, you can feel more confident reducing the frequency of your visits. Based on how you respond in chronic pain treatment sessions, I will recommend certain techniques and skills that you can work on at home to help you cope with chronic pain and continue the healing process on your own. If you choose to work with these techniques at home, you may find you can heal rather quickly.

Relieve Yourself Of Long-Term Pain

If you are ready to learn effective strategies and work through expert approaches to find relief from chronic pain, please call or email me with a time when you’re available to talk. I offer a free 15 to 20-minute consultation, during which we can talk about any questions and concerns you may have. I really look forward to speaking with you. Please click here to send an email or call me at 561-676-3393.

“ It’s Ok if all you did today was breathe.”
— L.J. (Chronic Pain Sufferer)


“I will be forever grateful to Lynn for her amazing talents and the work she did with me. She opened me up to a whole new perspective on life and has been a crucial part of my personal-development journey. Lynn helped me move from being totally stuck and unsure of how to move forward, to finding freedom, fulfillment, and understanding my life’s purpose. I can’t thank her enough — she significantly changed my life for the better. I highly recommend Lynn to anyone seeking more self-awareness, healing, and personal growth.”   — Alex Bratty, author of “From Chaos to Clarity”