Grief Counseling - Lynn Carroll - Delray Beach, FL

Have you experienced a painful loss such as the death of a loved one or a pet, the decline of your health, the loss of your job or moving to a new home or city?

 Grief Counseling - Lynn Carroll - Delray Beach, FL

  • Do you experience some of the physical symptoms of grief like tightness of your chest or throat, pain or heaviness in your heart, panic attacks, dizziness, trembling or unhealthy sleep patterns?
  • Do you regret a particular situation associated with your loss?
  • Are you worried you will never stop feeling sad?
  • Do you feel guilty about feeling relieved after you experienced your loss?
  • It’s possible that you have started to believe that your life is meaningless.
  • Or, perhaps you feel confused or uncertain about the grief you are experiencing.
  • Do you wish you could overcome your grief and move forward in life with the positive memories of the person or thing you have lost?

Grief takes time to heal and often involves many different feelings in addition to sadness. You may find it difficult to focus on your daily tasks such as your job

duties or family responsibilities. For no apparent reason, you may experience painful waves of grief throughout your day. Emotional memories may come flooding in with no warning. You may feel fatigued and your energy level may quickly become depleted. You may question if these feelings will ever go away and whether you will feel like yourself again.

Getting Stuck In The Grieving Process Is Common

You are not alone. Grief is one of the most painful experiences we go through in life. It is an experience that all of us encounter in one way or another. Grief is a reaction to any form of loss that encompasses a range of feelings from deep sadness and mourning to anger and even rage. A grieving individual may also feel guilt, regret or a deep yearning for his or her loss.

A broad range of situations that can result in grief – the most obvious being the death of a loved one or a pet. However, other situations we don’t ordinarily think of when we think of loss include changes in lifestyle, moving, losing a job or leaving a home, friends and family. Major events can also bring up different levels of grief and mourning like divorce, accidents, physical diagnosis, chronic pain and aging.

The process of adapting to loss is painful and it’s common and important to need and receive extra support. The good news is that grief counseling can help you move through your stages of grief at your own pace and in a healthy manner.

Overcome The Pain Associated With Your Loss With Grief Counseling

During safe and compassionate grief counseling sessions, you can allow yourself time to process your emotions and feel the support you need to be more hopeful about the future. You and I will develop a plan to work through your confusing and overwhelming emotions in order to help you heal and move forward in your life with resilience. Depending on your specific needs and interests, we may incorporate different therapy approaches, such as Somatic Experiencing®, Mindfulness Therapy, EMDR Therapy and Attachment Therapy into our grief counseling sessions to enhance your healing process.

All of our approaches can help you move through your sadness and make sense of what you have lost so you can find more peace, meaning and stability in your life. When you talk about your feelings in our sessions, I can help you to feel supported and understood. Together, we can work through your pain and difficult emotions so you can find hope and feel at peace with your loss.

You may be interested in grief counseling but still have a few questions and concerns…

Is it normal to feel like I’m going crazy? Grief Counseling - Lynn Carroll - Delray Beach, FL

This is normal. Grief can be accurately described as a “crazy” time in one’s life as we wrestle with acceptance and mourn our loss. Barbara Bartocci, author of Nobody’s Child writes, “The important thing to realize about mourning is that it’s normal to feel slightly crazy. You will forget things. You will drive your car as if on autopilot. You will stare at the papers on your desk and feel paralyzed to get any work done.”

Allow yourself to recognize how difficult grief is and know that part of going through the process is feeling overwhelmed. What you can do is reach out for help to get through these painful times. Grief counseling can help you process your pain and find meaning and peace in your life.

I’m so emotional. Will this ever go away?

Even though it may be difficult to believe, the tears will come to an end. This will not happen abruptly. Instead, it is a gradual experience and even after the crying ceases, certain things may trigger your sadness again. Hearing a favorite song or seeing a place that reminds you of your loss can quickly bring a moment of sadness along with a tear. Crying is healthy and allows the body to emotionally release the sadness, helping you feel a little lighter. Shakespeare said, “To weep is to make less the depth of grief.”

Do all people grieve in the same way?

While many aspects of grieving are universal — feelings of sadness, numbness, confusion and depression — there is no single prescribed way to grieve. Grieving is an individual endeavor. Some want to have many people with whom they can share and explore their feelings. Others prefer to deal with loss more privately. Most people report that grieving is much like being on an emotional roller coaster. It is worth noting that the “ride” down is usually the prelude to the “ride” up.

In addition, the cultural stereotypes of women and men in grief are inaccurate. Generally, these stereotypes portray women as being expressive with their grief, while men are the “strong and silent” type. The reality is that some men need and want to express and share their feelings, while some women prefer to work through grief in a more low-key way. Bereavement styles have less to do with gender and more to do with basic personality traits.

No matter how you grieve, our grief counseling sessions will take into account your personal needs so you can feel comfortable throughout the healing process.

Overcome Grief With Professional Guidance

If you are ready to work with an expert therapist to help you move forward in your life following a loss, please call or email me with a time when you’re available to talk. I offer a free 15 to 20-minute consultation, during which we can talk about any questions and concerns you may have. I really look forward to speaking with you. Please click here to send an email or call me at 561-676-3393.

“What we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.”     — Helen Keller